About Us

Esteemed delegates, Distinguished Chairs, Fellow Directors and Guests,

Dwight Model United Nations is an initiative started by a team of passionate and hard working individuals; a collaboration between students and staff. The first Dwight MUN conference in 2016 welcomed around 80 students to debate issues relating to ‘Moving Africa Forward’, with fruitful and successful debate taking place over the course of two days.

With the previous Secretary General moving on to university, a group of MUN leaders as well as dedicated volunteers drew inspiration and decided to reanimate the event, with the intention of bringing many different schools around London together to enjoy engaging, relevant and stimulating debate, with the theme “Technology’s role in making a sustainable society” being the common ground of all the topics.

With that being said, we warmly welcome all delegates from all schools invited into the close knit community that is Dwight. Starting on Thursday the 11th of October and ending on Friday the 12th of October, the conference will aim to engage students of various levels of experience in enriching and relevant debate, simultaneously broadening delegates’ knowledge of global issues and allowing them to interact with each other on a more professional manner, forming new connections and growing academically.

Further information regarding logistics can be requested by contacting us by email at dwightschoolmun@gmail.com.

We thank everyone in advance, and look forward to welcoming a cohort of prospective leaders to our second biannual MUN conference!


The Board Of Directors

Teodor, Orabella, Juliane, Portia, Morgan