Security Council

Chairs: Costanza D. and Evy S.

The United Nations Security Council is one of the six primary bodies of the UN, tasked with the maintenance of international peace and security as well as being the only body of UN that can pass legally binding resolutions.

Delegates: 15

Topic 1: The question of targeting cyber crime and the dark web

Research Report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/Dwight_MUN.pdf

Topic 2: The question of the territorial dispute in the South China Sea

Research Report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/Dwight_MUN_Research_Report.pdf

The Economic and Social Council

Chairs: Maria B. and Manuel A.

The Economic and Social Council, or ECOSOC is a main organ of the United Nations, with focus placed on solving social, economic and environmental efforts for universally sustainable development.

Topic 1: Creative technology based solutions as a means to prevent extremism

Research Report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/Dwight_MUN_ECOSOC_Research_Report_(Topic_1)_(1).pdf

Topic 2: Harnessing ICT for greater access to education for girls and women

Research Report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/ECOSOC_Topic_2_Research_Report_Dwight_MUN_2018.pdf

Human Rights Committee

Chairs: Kiana P. and Weibe U.

The Human Rights Committee is responsible for supporting and protecting human rights around the world, dealing with all topics that revolve around human rights violations whether it be war crimes or everyday issues regarding equality.

Topic 1: The question of the right to privacy in the digital age

Research Report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/Research_Paper_(1).pdf

Topic 2: The question of Children’s rights in the digital age

Research Report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/The_question_of_children_in_the_digital_age.pdf

Special Committee

Chairs: Gina F. and Juliane G.

In the United Nations, special committees are formed to respond to specific, crucial, and globally relevant issues.

Topic 1: The question of the sale of fraudulent medicines in the black market

Research Report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/Fraudulent_Medicine_Research_Report_Dwight_MUN_2018.pdf

Topic 2: The question of the ethics of artificial intelligence

Research report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/The_Question_of_the_Ethics_of_Artificial_intelligence_(1).pdf

Environmental Committee

Chairs: Morgan S. and Beckett M.

The environmental committee deals with wildlife and environmental conservation efforts around the globe, also working to assist developing countries in implementing environmentally friendly policies and methods. This committee addresses issues such as global warming, depletion of the ozone, or marine and terrestrial conservation.

Topic 1: The question of environmentally sustainable transportation systems

Research Report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/Research_Report_Dwight_(1).pdf

Topic 2: The question of conservation and restoration of ecosystems in urban areas

Research Report: /uploaded/Dwight_MUN/MUN_Research_Report_(1).pdf